.awesome 1

First post of a series I hope to build up. Moments / points of awesome - those times/situations/photos/stories/people/scenarios that light up your entire day/week/month/year(s) with a positive feel and thought.

Cambridge (MA) is awesome (I do believe this will be an entire subsection of .awesome):

Before paying for my meal at the Chipotle in Central Square, the store manager asks me to join their crew in doing the wave. Across the register counter, I watch as they start the wave at the salad area and go all the way to the manager at the register, who then looks to me to complete it - I wave my arms up and down to complete the motion, without hesitation. I then become the starting point for the next wave, this time going back to the salad part of the delicious burrito assembly line. The manager, the crew and I all laugh, enjoying the moment. The manager then pushes the brown bag with the tacos over to me, saying 'No charge'. What a simple, yet such pleasant, fun moment.