Saddest thing I've heard about the Bay Area tech scene

Just a few years ago, I had a high regard for all the innovation and ideas being driven by folk in the Silicon Valley / Bay Area.

However, more recently, the positive image / respect for the scene has really gone downhill in my mind, because of experiences with the local tech crowd similar to the one described by amazing founders of Rescue Forensics in this story:

"They plan to move back to Tennessee after finishing the winter Y Combinator program. It’s a different world here on the West Coast and their mission is serious.

Dalton said that he’ll go to dinner parties in San Francisco. “Everybody will be sipping their cocktails or their mojito. They’ll say something like they’re building an ad network,” Dalton said. “When I get asked, I usually say ‘web intelligence,’ hoping that they’ll leave me alone.”

“If they ask more questions, everyone’s buzz gets killed,” he quipped."

Ladies / gentlemen of the Valley - that is pathetic! If you brag about changing the world to the rest of us (and having the know-how to do it), then I hope you have the guts to tackle (or help those who are) the serious issues and not just the next nice-to-have video/image/texting/social service. 

PS. I wonder if there's room for Boston to take on this challenge that the SV / Bay Area seems to avoid.