Resurrecting this old dog

To restart the blog, I'll publish a few posts on the following topics:

-Experience with the euMetrica project - concept, inspiration / initial stages, seeking funding, participating in a hackathon, Chattanooga startup scene and the Gig, working with Mozilla crew, challenges, wins, experience w/ outsourcing some development, recruiting, legal, speaking with customers, advisers, VCs, working with friends, finding the time and managing a team and suppliers

-Sources of tech, global affair, health IT / genomics, mobile developments on the web. What are the sources I trust today? AVC, Bloomberg, etc...

-Insights from first 5 years as a software engineer / developer

-Insights from working in finance / buy-side

-Cambridge / Boston startup and HealthIT ecosystem - lessons learned so far - and resources available (events, websites, etc).

-Next steps in exploration of problems to solve with software / startups

-Past ideas in healthcare - computer vision for melanoma

-Current ideas in healthcare - thoughts - seeking partners (developers, MDs, students, etc - to help run a project) - what we need, what we have, and how I fit in. Seek feedback. Explain what my passion / goal / vision is - and what I'm looking for - in terms of help / partnership.

-Predictions for startups that will make it / will have a significant impact - or TechReview and other pieces. 

-Books reviewed

Kickstart 2014

Kickstarting this place for thoughts. It's a new year. First blog was in 2009. Next one was in 2011 (I've copied it from Posterous to Posthaven here). This one should be easier to maintain, because PostHaven allows to email posts to the site, which will post them to a page - making it easier for me to quickly note the thought and pass it along to be posted (no worries on formatting, etc - just get it down on "paper"). This is my new "wall" to post on (rather than in FB). 

Also - today I found a new cafe in Boston that's so far proving to be a fantastic place to study, unmatched by any such place in Cambridge. Open from 8AM to 12AM everyday, has bubble tea, coffee, various teas, spiked drinks (if you're into that during the day), a TON of space and outlets, free WiFi, and oh yeah, did I mention - perpetual breakfast (i.e. breakfast served all day). Also, it's next to the Bus #1 stop that goes directly to Cambridge and next to  the Hynes Convention Center Green Line stop. Check out Trident Cafe on Newbury St yourself - it's a good place to support by coming here and buying some food/drink - an independent book store / cafe.

The goal is to stop sharing individual links with various friends / family or sending them to my own email address and rather aggregate them here. Will keep the posts short / concise - outline the main points. 

Some benefits include:

1) Friends / family can have a cleaner inbox while still being able to check out links / discussions / tech / thoughts that I think is relevant. 

2) The comments sections allows folk to post a public comment, to initiate discussion with the broader community - perhaps some of the folk I know who don't know each other yet, may connect in useful ways. 

3) Perhaps I will be able to easily convey my interests to folk by passing along the blog link, rather than directing them to multiple websites, resume, LinkedIn, etc. Perhaps some past post I've made will help with creating new connections for me and my community in the future. Perhaps some past posts will help others connect some ideas / concepts in their minds and generate new ventures.

4) Hopefully I can improve my writing through daily / weekly writing. 

5) Perhaps I'll realize something about my past experience, as I go through the effort of describing it, and be able to better reflect on the outcomes / future efforts.