Resurrecting this old dog

To restart the blog, I'll publish a few posts on the following topics:

-Experience with the euMetrica project - concept, inspiration / initial stages, seeking funding, participating in a hackathon, Chattanooga startup scene and the Gig, working with Mozilla crew, challenges, wins, experience w/ outsourcing some development, recruiting, legal, speaking with customers, advisers, VCs, working with friends, finding the time and managing a team and suppliers

-Sources of tech, global affair, health IT / genomics, mobile developments on the web. What are the sources I trust today? AVC, Bloomberg, etc...

-Insights from first 5 years as a software engineer / developer

-Insights from working in finance / buy-side

-Cambridge / Boston startup and HealthIT ecosystem - lessons learned so far - and resources available (events, websites, etc).

-Next steps in exploration of problems to solve with software / startups

-Past ideas in healthcare - computer vision for melanoma

-Current ideas in healthcare - thoughts - seeking partners (developers, MDs, students, etc - to help run a project) - what we need, what we have, and how I fit in. Seek feedback. Explain what my passion / goal / vision is - and what I'm looking for - in terms of help / partnership.

-Predictions for startups that will make it / will have a significant impact - or TechReview and other pieces. 

-Books reviewed