What you should be doing EVERYDAY.

Good stuff.

Photogallery coming soon.


Meanwhile, relax and listen to some:

Def Leppard - Foolin'
Led Zeppelin - Misty Mountain Hop
Guns N Roses - Knockin' on Heaven's Door
Metallica - Turn the Page
KISS - Rock and Roll All Night
ZZ Top - Tush
Queen - Another One Bites the Dust
Van Halen - Ain't Talkin About Love
Aerosmith - Walk This Way
Scorpions - No One Like You
AC/DC - Shoot to Thrill
Van Halen - Panama
Rolling Stones - Start Me Up
Poison - Nothin' But a Good Time
Guns N Roses - Welcome to the Jungle
Foghat - Slow Ride
Louis Prima - When You're Smiling

If you don't feel like doing multiple laps around your house in a sudden fit of joy by the end of this playlist, I will personally make you out a check for $20.